How To Attract Google Traffic

Rank #1 In Google Really Fast

It is increasingly hard to manipulate Google traffic & SERPs listings due to their demand for high quality content.

SEO has advanced it’s true, but it is still possible to influence where you rank in Google if you thoroughly grasp what Google is striving for.

To a certain degree, this is undoubtedly correct. If you are expecting to rank well using bad quality old style Search Engine Optimization practices, then you are destined to struggle.

To appear high up you must create the quality of subject material that Google values highly.

Google is on the look out for weak SEO signals such as over SEO’d link text, excessive on-page keyword density in your web content, links from known link farms and inbound links to your web-site from Continue reading

Rafter Roofing Construction

Trussed Rafter Roofing

Roof construction in the UK took a new turn in the 1960’s away from the traditional carpenters cut system. This involved cutting every piece of timber by hand, to fit the plan, the overall strength of the roof being up to the builder’s opinion and carpenters experience.

This was relatively expensive owing the time taken, the amount of timber used, and the necessity of skilled joiners.

The use of trussed rafters became popular in the 1960’s following the development of truss connector plates. These are light gauge steel plates with holes punched through them forming teeth which are then pressed into the side of the Continue reading

Teaching Children to Swim

The Importance of Teaching Children to Swim

In the depths of winter, it may seem a little out of place to have kids swimming a high priority, although, come the summer months, it can feel quite natural, even impulsive to think about swimming.

The fact is, in schools learning to swim is now a core element in primary curriculum, and learning to swim and swimming lessons go on all through the year.

In the summer, particularly if there are some high temperatures, there will be reports of fatalities amongst children, who have drowned. Not all because they couldn’t swim perhaps, but some Continue reading

Road Traffic Lawyers Advice

Top Motoring Offences in the UK

General practice lawyers who deal with multiple areas of criminal law often aren’t fully familiar with the intricate legal arguments that can be put forward on your behalf if you have been accused of any of the driving offences below; Continue reading